St. Louis is our home.  In order to make our city more stable, we need more stable homes.  Anew Nature is working to be part of the solution.  When one man is given a chance at a new life so many more are affected.  We’ve seen entire families come back together after being splintered apart due to their incarcerations.  It’s a simple idea, to just lend a hand to those in need.  But we can’t help more men out without you.  So we are asking you to be our partner. Together we can do anything!

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Anew Nature was founded to create beautiful furniture and to create jobs for some of the most at-risk men in our city.  After a successful Kickstarter the Anew Nature has grown to one of the most respected furniture makers in the country.  Join us as we continue to change lives through furuniture design and production.


The Anew Nature team is a family.  We have seen exponential growth over the past few years and our team continues to grow.  Drop by the shop to meet some of talented team.  


We're a company that is constantly pushing the edge on design.  We use locally sourced, sustainable materials to create some of the most innovative pieces in the country.  Our work can be found coast to coast and in all shapes and sizes.  Shop our most recent collection and our custom work.