Unique design

Anew Nature has served hundreds of residential and commercial clients.

We create  one of a kind functional pieces of art for your home or business,

across a wide variety of materials and design aesthetic.


An early, 3D rendered concept sketch

An early, 3D rendered concept sketch

White Lacquer & Walnut

Designed and built for an entrepreneur and friend to Anew Nature, this standing height workstation is made of white lacquered steel, with concrete tube legs set atop a white lacquered base that neatly hovers above the floor. 


A pinwheel of walnut drawers opens to reveal 48 surge protected outlets and storage for additional cord length to keep this workstation clean and organized. 

Sugar pine & reclaimed oak

Designed and built for a local artisan and made of materials from her home region, Northern California. The classic X design of the trestle legs allows open sightlines and the satin finished top softens the reflections of natural light across its surface

A subtle, hand buffed lime finish gives this Northwestern Sugar Pine top a uniquely clean, but aged look. 



This circular acrylic table top sits atop reclaimed wood

 and features a spiraling, brushed steel base.    

Acrylic top, barnwood accent,  dining table (2).jpg


The wood from this vanity came from the ruined slats of a broken bed. The owner of that bed was none other than Guy Long, one of Anew Nature's longstanding employees! 


Bathroom vanity in marble and barnwood (2).jpg

The Eaton table

The design for this table is centered around the a beam of wood reclaimed from a theater in St. Louis city. It was commissioned by a couple from St. Louis after seeing a picture of the beam on our Instagram page.

X base (3).jpg

Ellipse & Oxidized steel

Comissioned by a courageous lover of modern design. 

This custom dining room table boasts flawless white lacquering, acid blackened steel and a central stripe of warm walnut.

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